Thursday, March 20, 2008

Portia's Little Cookbooks

Portia Little's Cookbooks

These little gems are great and you should have a set of them in your collection!  Portia Little is very creative with her little cookbooks and while they are fun to read, they are also of a practical size that you can easily carry along to the grocery store, tucked away in your purse.


Susan Billie Taylor said...

I bought the New England one for my Maine and New England cookbook collection. I just had to have it. It's a wonderful addition. I especially like the sketches and the poetry. Plus, the recipes are good too. The "Soft Lemon Sugar Cookies" are so good. And, the "Lime Grilled Salmon" makes a wonderful main course.

engelsigh said...

I will look into these. I was enrolled in a cook book club for a while. You know, where you get six free and then you have to buy four normal priced ones over a span of 4 years?

I like to look for cookbooks at garage sales, library sales and thrift stores.

Do you have any recommendations on a cookbook for one serving meals? My boyfriend eats meat, and I don't... and my mom suggested I get this kind of book.