Saturday, June 7, 2008

Historic Texas Book of Days

"Historic Texas, Book of Days" by Yvonne Bruce & Ann Bruce Henaff, is a nice little planner, but also full of watercolors, quilt patterns, gardening and food "observances". There are a few recipes but this is not a full-fledged cookbook. The size is about 7" x 7" and it is hard cover. There is a beautiful watercolor of a Lone Star quilt pattern on the front of the book, done in red, white and blue.

Though there are no sections per se, to give you an idea of what this little book contains, here are some of the page headings, drawings, and topics throughout:

Garden Calendar (a nice little blurb about the pecan orchard near the Colorado River) and some very nice watercolor drawings of various veggies.

A page about windmills and more cute drawings of them -- they are so cute.

Plantation houses, stagecoach stops, hill country wildflowers, cattle drives, pecan trees, signs, weather events

Recipes for Pinto beans, drop biscuits, east Texas Mint Juleps, Plain Cake, egg nog, Hopping John

Gulf Coast waterbirds, white whicker chairs, gazebos, magnolias, lighthouses, seashells, the Wheelock Log Cabin

I am remembering that Cherrille was born in Texas and several others have lived here or are currently living here. I think you would all like this little "Historic Texas Book of Days".

Mar Jo and I each got a copy from Border's Bookstore at The Woodlands Market Square a few weeks ago and we are both enjoying it!

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Mar Jo said...

Yes, I love my little Texas Book of Days.

1) Texas is my new home state

2) It reminds me of my sister shopping day with Monita

3) It has beautiful water color painting

4) Lots of Texas info I knew nothing about

5) Love the descriptive words - Notions and Observances connected with
Culinary Matters

6) Water Color illustrations for quilts and cross stitch.

It is just a fun book to read a little bit at a time or for a whole hour or
whatever time you may have.

Thanks for the review, Monita.

Mar Jo/Texas