Sunday, December 7, 2008

Cinagro Farm Family Favorites

Cinagro Farm Family Favorites is a 20-years-in-the-making personal
cookbook compiled by Carol Engan Borrelli to honor her Norwegian,
Dutch, German, Czechoslovakian and Italian ancestors. With that kind
of lineage, there have to be some good recipes in it and there are.

Carol Borrelli's background in federal food inspection gives her an
appreciation for the organic lifestyle and her love of cooking and
gardening lets her practice it as well. You can view the beautiful
cookbook at her website at

The first thing that catches my eye with this cookbook is the name of
it. Cinagro is "organic" spelled backwards. I love it! Borrelli's
philosophy is to use fresh, organic foods when possible. There are
about 500 recipes within the 250+ pages of the comb-bound book. We
love the comb binding which makes it easy to stay open when cooking
from it.

The recipes range from breakfast breads like Blueberry Orange Tea
Muffins (absolutely wonderful on a chilly Sunday morning like today),
and Homemade Yogurt that uses goat milk, Norwegian Breakfast Crepes
("Jeg elske disse crepes") to appetizers and beverages like
Angloasian Rum Punch and Tangy Orange Cheese (yum).

In the soup section I've marked Cream of Broccoli Soup to try
(probably will be dinner tonight) and I'm sure to try the Sausage &
Lentil Soup Borrelli also. There is also a great section on sauces
and salad dressings that I am pleased as punch to have to find new
favorites. They sound just delicious.

The miscellaneous and unusual section has recipes for seasoned salt,
Cinagro Farm Skin Cream, and Donna's Downeast Biscuits (for the dog),
just to name a few.

There are so many yummy sounding recipes that I can't name them all,
but I see very many I will be trying -- especially those blueberry ones!

The divider pages between the sections have artwork by Sharon
France. Her Americana style is quite attractive, Most of the old
barns in the paintings are set at a distance, showing big sky, green
fields, and an orange strip in the foreground that I believe depicts
a fall harvest. France's artwork can be viewed at http:// The cover art work chosen by Borrelli was
perfect for this cookbook!

Cinagro Farm Family Favorites is listed at and also at, but is currently showing as out of stock on both
sites. Since this cookbook would make a nice gift at this time of
year, you may want to go straight to to
place your order.

I will be watching for the sequel and I'm sure it will be just as
good as this one.


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